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Hope Among The Weeds

This past Monday, I met one of our neighbors while she was cleaning out her plot in the community garden. Minister Smith is a woman of faith who inspires as much as she teaches. As we spent time in the June sunshine preparing her plot for planting, she told me about the single plant sprouting from the ground.

"I've been waiting 3 years for that thing to grow! When I got here today and started pulling up the weeds, there it was."

This seemingly small sign of life and hope in our garden may not seem like much, but for us it was a direct sign from God of the growth that is happening here in the neighborhood. Minister Smith and I enjoyed laughs, shared stories, and found some friendly snails enjoying her section of the garden.

This hope is necessary as we work against forces of racism and hate that do not come from God. This hope is a growing plant among weeds. This hope is the laughter of children, the refreshing feeling of a cool glass of water in the summer heat. We look for this hope each day when we wake up committed to our community and to do the work that God calls us to in showing love to one another.

These are the moments in ministry that I love and am so grateful for. It is a gift to hear these stories, and I look forward to more opportunities of sharing. We are a community of good neighbors!

Your friend in Christ,

Pastor Miranda

(story shared with permission, masks were worn while working and before and after photo)

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