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Student Collective Organizing for Restorative Environment

Student Collective Organizing for Restorative Environment is an

outreach of LuMin Campus Ministry-WNY.

We continue to be a sacred space where students can

continue their questing and journey with Creator and faith.

S.C.O.R.E. also strives to be a place where students can apply academic knowledge to practical actions with regards to justice - especially in what is transpiring in this society today: intrusion on freedom of speech, banning knowledge and education, disruption of civil and human rights, our college/university students are part of the collective fight and voice towards liberation.

SCORE welcomes YOU, regardless of:

WHO you are

HOW you identify

WHOM you love


HOW you connect to Creator, Divine, etc.

We cannot wait to be out in the community and serve in the community alongside and with all of you!

This is putting our faith into action!

Know of college students who need a neutral space to relax, study or a place to breathe, work on their mental health or rest and relax?

Welcome to Third Place, an outreach of Student Collective Organizing for Restorative Environment, part of LuMin Campus Ministry-WNY. Third Place will be a network of faith spaces dedicated to being a safe space for college students to land and utilize through their academic journey.

Donate to LuMin today!

S.C.O.R.E proudly serves three campuses:
Look around this academic year
for Pastor Kwame!


For checks/donations, please send to:
LuMin Campus Ministry
1092 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14209

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