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Sacred Partnerships Made in 2022

Throughout 2022, Pastor Kwame made connections with the wide breath of humanity beyond our walls, that she hopes will continue to grow in many ways.

Thanks to the invitation from Ron and the Juneteeth Heritage Foundation for being present with the community during Saturdays in early Spring (photos 1-3) for Saturday Mobile Food Pantry and in August for their Back to School Academy, where Pr. Kwame was a speaker and contributor.

Thanks to the amazing Mandy Bailey, founder and owner of Big Big Table and her executive director Heather, for the opportunity to bring the Mobile Food Pantry to the West Side (photos 5-8) this past Summer

Thanks to Tyrell, Community organizer for VOICE Buffalo-an amazing organization advocating for the community, run BY the community (photos 9-10) for coming out and setting up shop to talk to the CGN community!

Thanks to Samatha and Garden Walk Buffalo, for inviting CGN to come and be a part of community this summer during the Garden Walk at the Children's Pavilion(photo 11)!

Finally, thanks to Sheri and her crew from WNY Women's Foundation (photo 12) for coming in and being a part of A Day in the Life of a Mobile Food Pantry and for future connections with Harvest House, as we look to expand our community throughout the East Side!

Who are the People in your Neighborhood!

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